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Scientific Heritage and the Knowledge System of India

“This high scientific and philosophical spirit was carried by the ancient Indian culture into all its activities. No Indian religion is complete without its outward form of preparatory practice, its supporting philosophy and its Yoga or system of inward practice or art of spiritual living:most even of what seems irrational in it to a first glance,
has its philosophical turn and significance.”


(Sri Aurobindo, Indian Spirituality and Life – III

CWSA, The Renaissance in India A Defence of Indian Culture)

Ancient Indians had a profound knowledge of different aspects and science in Ancient India is a vast and significant topic that encompasses a rich history of discoveries, advancements, and contributions across various fields. The scientific achievements of ancient India laid the foundation for numerous modern scientific principles and practices.

Depicting the glory of India, Maharshi Aurobindo has written “she has been creating abundantly and incessantly, lavishly, with an inexhaustible manysidedness, republics and kingdoms and empires, philosophies and cosmogonies and sciences and creeds and arts and poems and all kinds of monuments, palaces and temples and public works, communities and societies and religious orders, laws and codes and rituals, physical sciences, psychic sciences, systems of Yoga, systems of politics and administration, arts spiritual, arts worldly, trades, industries, fine crafts,—the list is endless and in each item there is almost a plethora of activity.” Sri Aurobindo

These discoveries showcased the advanced intellectual and technological capabilities of ancient Indian civilizations, fostering a rich heritage of knowledge and innovation.

The discoveries and research in ancient India were primarily documented in Sanskrit texts, which were meticulously preserved and passed down through generations through oral traditions. Today, many of these ancient texts have been translated and published, allowing the global community to access and appreciate the scientific knowledge and achievements of ancient India.

‘Scientific Heritage and the Knowledge System of India’- an initiative of Sri Aurobindo Society to conduct interdisciplinary study and research-based activities to preserve the ancient and contemporary rich Indian knowledge systems.

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