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Author : Sri Aurobindo

The Upanishads has now been expanded and brought out in two volumes, with much new material published for the first time in book form. The single volume The Upanishads has been discontinued, with all its content included in the two new volumes, each available as an independent book.

The Kena Upanishad is concerned “with the relation of mind-consciousness to Brahman-consciousness”, writes Sri Aurobindo in his commentary on this work. “The material world and the physical life exist for us only by virtue of our internal self and our internal life. According as our mental instruments represent to us the external world, according as our vital force in obedience to the mind deals with its impacts and objects, so will be our outward life and existence.” Along with Sri Aurobindo’s final translation of and commentary on the Kena, this book includes his translations of six other Upanishads as well as several other translations and commentaries, and essays such as ‘The Philosophy of the Upanishads’.

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